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Carolyn has over 15 years of experience in animal behavior, training and collection management in zoo and aquarium facilities.  Working with a wide range of species that include Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, grey and harbor seals and African elephants she has a strong understanding of the complexities of animal care. 

She has run a successful dog training business and has been a consultant for others wishing to start their own domestic animal behavior programs as well as collaborating with other marine mammal facilities on educational programs to showcase animal behavior for the public. 

Carolyn joined the team at SEAS in March of 2019 to help create a promotional video for the Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary, a project about which she is very passionate, and is currently building a team to research eco-friendly, wastewater management systems for the marine mammal stranding facility that will be a crucial part of the sanctuary.  Her personal mission is to bring people from all backgrounds of experience together in collaboration to help create something truly special for the future of marine mammals.